{Wedding Flowers}:8 Gorgeous Pink Bridal Bouquets

Everyone knows that pink is romantic and charming. Of course,pink can also convey playfulness and tenderness. Combining multiple shades of pink,light purple  and other pastels maintains the soft,delicate,playfulness of pink. Adding darker shades of pink,purple and burgundy increases the intensity.

Any shade of pink becomes more sophisticated when combined with black,grey or medium to darker shades of blue. Medium to dark green with pink is also an eye-catching combination.

Today I want to share some of the pink bridal bouquet that I created in the past.

Blue Daises and pink Roses bridal bouquet

1st Bridal bouquet:blue Daisies and pink Roses “Geraldine”.

2nd Bridal bouquet:light pink Hydrangea,green Coffee Beans (Hypericum berries),pink Dahlia,pink Garden Roses,white Freesia.

Vintage style white,green and pink bridal bouquet

3rd Bridal bouquet:Dozen pink Roses “Geraldine”.

4th Bridal bouquet:antique green Hydrangea,white Wax flowers,pink and white Stock,pink Lisianthus,pink and white Roses.

5th Bridal bouquet:hot pink Hydrangea,white Lisianthus,pink Aster,green Coffee beans.

6th Bridal bouquet:white Oriental Lilies,hot pink Roses,light pink Tulips.

7th Bridal bouquet:light pink and hot pink Roses,hot pink Gerbera,white Freesia,green Hypericum,Bear grass and Salal leaves accent.

8th Bridal bouquet:orange Mocara Orchids,hot pink Roses “Hot Lady”,Aspedistra leaves.

All flowers by Olga Goddard with MyFavoriteFlowers.com.

Photographers:{Merilee Photography} (1),  {One Memory at a Time} (2,5,6),  {Mikki Platt} (3),  {Gideon Photography} (4),  {Roy Pryor} (7), {Always &Forever}  (8).

What colors are going to be included in your bouquet?


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