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My Favorite Flowers is a floral and gift boutique headquartered in St George, Utah. Founded in 2007 by Olga Goddard, My Favorite Flowers has become one of most highly regarded floral shops in Southern Utah that provides high quality fresh floral arrangements. Widely recognized for our exquisite designs, My Favorite Flowers provides distinctive and fashionable floral services for a variety of industries. As lead designer, Olga works closely with her talented staff to ensure that every floral gift consistently exceeds your every expectation, whether for a wedding, corporate event, interior design, cuisine, and beyond.

We provide high quality and distinctive custom-designed floral arrangements by using the highest quality products available for weddings, events, businesses, and every important occasion in your life. We believe in building long lasting relationships by providing exceptional customer service each and every time.

Our values:

  • Provide high quality products and personalize customer service to become your family florist
  • Exceed your expectations each and every time
  • Attention to details
  • Give back to the community
  • Thoughtful use of natural resources. We recycle, compost, and reuse
  • We work with and support small businesses

Merilee PhotographyHow it all started

Growing-up in a remote village of Siberia, I understood from a very young age that I have an immense love for flowers and plants. Perhaps I inherited this from my grandmother, who completely surrounds herself with peonies, gladiolas, lilies and other wonderful flowers and plants. Under my grandmother's loving hand all plants seemed to thrive and flourish.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity of receiving an education in business, finishing a five year degree in just 2½ years. My work in Marketing over the next few years took me to many interesting places, such as China, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Egypt. Eventually my hard work and determination earned me a job as a Marketing Manager in Moscow, Russia. But in my heart there was a growing conviction that sooner or later I would start a business that would allow me to share my love for flowers and plants.

On May 31, 2005 I was plunged into an amazing adventure when a wonderful man sent me a mysterious combination of two roses and three carnations. Although I was very happy with my life in Moscow, over the next year this amazing and kind soul won my heart, and on the 13th of December 2006 Paul and I joined our lives together in marriage.

I have never been satisfied with doing things halfheartedly, and so when I decided to shift my career focus from being a “high powered” marketing executive to a highly creative floral designer, I was determined to exceed my client’s expectations in every regard.PhotoLoveStories.com2  My training in floral design began at the prestigious NCP ECC "Floreal" floral school in Moscow, and I continued my studies at The Floral Design Institute in Seattle, WA.  Flowers are beautiful expressions of nature which provide an immense palette of colors and textures from which to draw in creating arrangements and floral designs.  As I continue to explore the work of premier floral designers from around the world, my mind and heart come alive with the possibilities!

My love for the joyous celebration which characterizes weddings led me to continue to expand my education at the International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, from which I received my certification as a Wedding Planner. As an integral part of my training I completed internships with some of the most prestigious wedding professionals in Las Vegas, including: CLM Weddings (Las Vegas Wedding Planner of the year), Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace and Celebration Bridals.

Where do I get my inspiration

A primary source of inspiration for my work comes from my clients!  I love to explore the hopes and needs of my clients in a collaborative effort to create the perfect designs for the event and location.  Personal style, vision and preference come together with artistry and professional skill to achieve beautiful effect.  And, it is great fun to “go to work” when my clients challenge me by requesting something unusual and very personal – anything from the matching handbag and shoes to the Montana mountains complete with a lake and forest … all created with flowers.

Posh PhotographyAbout my personality

  • I love nature – so much beauty comes from Mother Nature’s hands.  She provides the most amazing and creative masterpieces, “dancing” with beautiful combinations of texture and color.  I love to watch animals playing, to hear birds singing.  I am enthralled with the power and beauty of the ocean.  I thrill at listening to rain, thunder and to watch lightning.

  • I love to travel and to learn of different cultures, traditions and cuisine from around the world.  It is an amazing source of inspiration and personal growth.

  • I am enjoying my life with all of its challenges, beautiful memorable moments, lessons, both peaceful and stormy days, feeling and sharing love, achievements and disappointments - laugh, joke, play, have fun. I love being helpful to my family and friends.

  • I enjoy spending time with my family and the people I love. Love my most amazing husband and mischievous kids: Golden Retriever - San’ka (aka Alexandr), cats - Orange and Arnie.

  • I savor the simple things in life!

My stylePhotoLoveStories.com-1

It is always about YOU, the client, ALWAYS! My clients receive the very personal attention they deserve and we often have a lot of fun along the way.

The old saying “This is the way it is done!” does not apply to me.  I revel in originality and thinking outside of the box.

Community involvement

I’m quietly involved in community service.  This year (2011) I donated some of my arrangements to the “Jubilee of Trees”, “Heart Walk Foundation” and “Habitant for Humanity”. Last year my husband and I founded a non-profit organization “Hope 2 Hearts” to help Russian orphans in Siberia. I believe that it is very important to share your happiness with others ... give hope to hearts.  The world becomes a better place when we share our love and kindness with those who need it – animals, plants, kids or even the neighbor next door.

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