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I love working on styled photo shoots,as it is a great way to showcase your work,your style and your creativity. I revel in diversity and a good challenge –it’s also a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience!  Brainstorming with other professionals who are involved in the shoot can lead to an amazing collaboration.

Last year I was involved in several different photo shoots:we worked in the rain,we did a full set-up in the middle of a stream,we did multiple editorial shoots for magazines,and one of the shoots was done in freezing condition at 5 o’clock in the morning (we needed to wake up at 3 a.m. and drive 40 minutes to the location).  I even had the opportunity to be involved in an international destination photo shoot with a group of professionals who were planning everything on the spot,without knowing what to expect from the location,nor from the other team members.  All of the props were gathered based on luck and intuition.

Anyway,here are some behind the scenes pictures of us working together as wedding professionals to create something beautiful and hopefully,to have a great deal of  fun in our work.

1. Styled winter wedding photoshoot 

Styled winter wedding photoshoot

Flowers:{MyFavoriteFlowers.com} Event Designer:{Taylor Made Weddings &Event}. Photographers:{Michelle Edmond Photography}{Posh Photography}. Cake:{Bridal Cakes by Yvonne}. Wedding Dress:{Lauren James Bridal}.  Jewelery:{JK Jewelery}.

2. Editorial shoot for Elan Woman Magazine Holiday Issue

Editorial photoshoot for Christmas,Thanksgiving and New Year table setting

Flowers:{MyFavoriteFlowers.com}.  Event Designer:{Taylor Made Weddings &Event}.  Photographers:{Photo Love Stories}.  Cake:{Bridal Cakes by Yvonne}.  Catering:{Painted Pony Restaurant}.  Idea:{Elan Woman Magazine}.

3. Styled Photoshoot in Cancun,Mexico

Styled photoshoot with Robert evans,Mike Colon,Christopher Confero Design

Flowers:{MyFavoriteFlowers.com}   &  Christopher Confero.  Event Designer:{Christopher Confero Design}. Photographers:  {Mike Colon},{Robert Evans}. Cake:{Bridal Cakes by Yvonne} . Stationary:{Ceci New York}


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