{Going green}: reuse, compost, recycle and reduce!

With Mother’s Day so quickly approaching,there is something I just have to say!

I love my mothers!!!

My birth mother is a wonderful woman who works diligently to make life better for children in Yashkino (Russia).

My mother-in-law is one of the most kind and caring individuals I have ever met – and she raised (at least) one of the most amazing sons I could possibly imagine (my dear husband!).

Last,but certainly not least,I love Mother Earth!!!  I love nature!  Being outdoors inspires and energizes me.  The astonishing variety of flowers that mother (nature) creates makes my job an absolute delight –beauty that completely boggles my mind!!!  If I were not me,I would envy me the opportunity that I have to bring together some of mother’s most beautiful creations to honor significant events in our lives.

… but where much is given!  I am an ardent believer in giving back to our mothers!  Taking care of the beauty that Mother Nature bestows upon us with such generosity – and working to improve in at least some small ways – isn’t this something we all can do?  Learning of the often devastating footprint we leave on the Earth breaks my heart,and challenges me to be more mindful of how I run my business and how I run my life!

Today I would like to share with you a few principles that I am working to incorporate into my business:

  1. I have significantly reduced the amount of floral foam I use in my designs,as it can not be recycled and may be damaging to our health and to the environment. Here are the links where you can read why floral foam is  unhealthy to humans and unhealthy for wild life
  2. By offering to provide vase rentals for weddings and events,I can not only help brides to lower their budget (or get more flowers for the same budget!),we also keep the vases out of our local landfill,as I can often reuse them many times.  This reduces strain on the environment.
  3. I prefer to work with growers who reuse boxes,and do NOT use boxes lined with styrofoam (as it can not be recycled).
  4. Instead of dumping the water I use to store and care for flowers,I use this water on our lawn and plants (we do live in a desert,after all).
  5. I reuse or recycle all of the packaging materials used in the shipping of the flowers and supplies.
  6. I now make sure that all of my marketing materials are printed with the environment in mind (business cards that are printed on recycled paper,use of electronic media rather than paper media when possible).  My newest business cards will be printed so that they can be planted – to grow a beautiful flower!
  7. I print business documents on both sides of the paper.
  8. I recommend to my clients that we not use feathers or fur in their arrangements out of respect for our bird and animal brothers and sisters!
  9. I recently began offering a new “green” service that is also budget friendly – Orchid rentals for weddings and/or events.
  10.  The next step that I am working on to improve my business and my life?  To compost all of the organic materials that are left over from my work – flower stems,petals and leaves!

What eco – friendly practices do you use in your business and everyday life?

Stay green!

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